For years I’ve known that our open-plan living space was ‘missing something’. When I read about Nadine’s Blueprint Workshop, I took the day out to do the course. Not only was it a fun day, it was an invaluable experience. After doing Nadine’s one-day workshop, I discovered how to achieve balance, harmony and warmth in our home.

The workshop demonstrates that everyone responds to colour in different ways. We learned which colours, textures and finishes will bring balance to our space.

Nadine believes that we all thrive in the right environment and the workshop gives us the tools to implement change in our space. I needed some direction and I certainly came away feeling inspired and motivated to make our space work for us.

I can highly recommend the Blueprint workshop and also Nadine’s optional ‘follow-up day of shopping’. Wow…I wish I’d done it years ago. My family is now thriving in our new space and the great thing is….it didn’t cost the earth.

Karen Duncan,

Prior to attending Nadine’s workshop, if somebody had asked me what my taste or style was in relation to my space, I would not have been able to answer. I had no idea where to start, it all seemed too hard.

The day I spent with Nadine was such an amazing eye opener for me. I learnt how important my space was to my well being and discovered quite a lot about myself as a person and what it was that I wanted to surround myself with. This workshop is a fantastic way to start your decorating journey and I highly recommend it to anybody who is interested in making their space the best it can be for them.

Tara Jones,

As a business owner in the Australian art market, I can see the value of the Blueprint Workshop for my clients. It provides the opportunity to explore a new perspective on your own space and personality. Nadine presents the workshop in an encouraging, positive and enlightening way, to assist you to uncover your blueprint needs.

Michelle Matic, Curated Home,

I had no idea where to start with my own place- and it all just seemed too hard. I walked away knowing exactly what I wanted and needed, to create the perfect space for me. The best part was, it wasn’t someone else’s opinion on what they thought I should do based on their tastes, or what was ‘in’ right now. I feel motivated and inspired and can’t wait to get started! Annette Staglieno  Marketing Manager- Australian Artists.  If you are thinking of making changes to your home then your first stop should be the “ Blueprint Workshop”, at DNA Design!

You will walk away with the knowledge and confidence to start right away.

I was surprised at how much fun it was and Nadine made me feel so at home that I didn’t want to leave .  Looking back, I wish I had been able to do this course earlier, because I would have done a whole lot of things differently from the beginning and would have saved myself a lot of money as well.

Nadine I love the way you follow up on everything, to make sure I stay on the right track ! Your knowledge and contacts are invaluable!

Thanks so much, I loved everything about this course.

Debbie de Vaal, Sony Music,